A House Organized For School Children

A house organized for school children.

If you’ve gone through a school year with kids, you know that simply having an organized space can be the difference between success and chaos.

Here are a few tips on how to simplify those everyday setbacks that we all have caused by clutter and lack of organization.

– Set a goal for each room.

If you can visualize what you want, you will be better able to achieve it. By setting goals for each room, you can note the things that need changing and work toward that goal one day at a time.

– Create a homework space for your students.

It can be a simple space, but a separate space for homework supplies and room to actually do the school work can make a huge difference!

– Have an assigned place for EVERYTHING!!

Now keep in mind that you will probably have to tell your children for a week or more before they finally catch on and start putting their school supplies/sporting equipment so on and so forth in the assigned area but I promise you that it will definitely be worth the few weeks of reminding them.

Do you have any back to school organization ideas to share? Let me know. Post them below!

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Alumni: Grove City is home to the “World’s Largest Alumni Tournament.”

Grove City High School
35th Alumni Tournament
July 29 – 30, 2017

Did you or someone you know graduate from Grove City High School?

According to GroveCityAlumniTournament.com Grove City, Ohio is home to the undisputed “World’s Largest Alumni Tournament.”

In fact, 88 teams representing six decades of Grove City High School graduates competed for championships in six divisions in 2016.

The Alumni Tournament is held annually on the last full weekend in July.

Predictions about this year’s tournament winners is creating quit a buzz.

GC Alumni Softball Talk has made several predictions about the upcoming tournament. Check ’em out… Continue reading “Alumni: Grove City is home to the “World’s Largest Alumni Tournament.””

How Much Home Can You Afford?

Before you start shopping for a home, you need to know what kind of home to shop for. To determine that, of course, you’ve got to figure out how much you can afford to pay each month.

Fortunately, there’s a pretty simple formula for coming up with this number. It’s the FHA formula that many mortgage lenders use. The FHA has found that most people can afford to budget 29 percent of their gross monthly income to housing expenses, depending on total debt. Buyers with no debt can budget as much as 41 percent of monthly income to housing.

No need to reach for your calculator–I’ve done the math for you.

The chart tells you how much 29 percent of your monthly income is. Continue reading “How Much Home Can You Afford?”

The Single Biggest Millennial Mistake

Self-made millionaire David Bach is doubling down on his faith in real estate.

Bach is the author of the very good book “Automatic Millionaire” and I know you may not have time to read the whole thing so I wanted to boil down some of his amazing wealth building advice and share a heck of a warning… Continue reading “The Single Biggest Millennial Mistake”

DIY Fun Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time of year when you can dress up as just about anything you want to be. While store-bought costumes certainly offer convenience, a costume made at home is more fun, often more affordable, and can look just as good if not better. You probably have the components of a great costume in your house right now-take a look at these simple ideas for great homemade costumes.

Fairy Tale Princess

Every little girl wants to be a princess, and it’s one of the easiest costumes to put together at home. Remember that bridesmaid dress that you had to buy but never want to wear again? It could be the perfect ball gown for a little Cinderella. A cocktail length dress makes the perfect floor length gown on a younger girl-you will probably have to take in the waist a little, but even if you can’t sew, a wide band of ribbon tied around the waist will pull it in. Safety pins can fix any other areas not fitting well.

All you will need to finish it off is some costume jewelry and of course a tiara. Make your own by using a basic headband and some cardboard: cut out a piece of cardboard in the shape of the crown portion and then decorate it with paint and rhinestones!

Rock Star

Who doesn’t want to be a rock star? This one is among the easiest to put together at home! A pair of torn blue jeans (use an old pair!) topped with a black t-shirt are a great start. Paint the name of your child’s “band” onto the t-shirt with crafting puff paint. Then add some hair gel and give your little rock star a rockin’ new ‘do. Girls can add some makeup. A toy microphone, available at most dollar stores, will finish the look.

The Robot

This classic homemade Halloween costume is as much fun to make and wear as it ever was. Create the robot’s body from cardboard boxes, and then add arms made from flexible tubing. You can use paint to decorate the box however you like. A metal colander is the classic robot hat, but you can also use a silver baseball cap as a more comfortable choice.

There are many fun homemade Halloween costumes you can put together easily. If you enjoy crafting and think a unique homemade look is better than a store-bought costume, then take the time to make something special!

I always look forward to hearing my readers idea’s so don’t forget to leave a comment.

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Every home should have an emergency kit. Whether it’s an actual emergency, inclement weather, a power outage or other unforeseen occurrence, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare a three-day home emergency kit that includes the following elements:

Bottled Water

Experts recommend drinking 6-8 glasses (8 oz.) of water every day, which is why having bottled water in your home emergency kit is essential. Not only is water necessary for good health, it’s also necessary for survival. You should keep enough bottled water for everyone in your family to drink for several days.

Canned Foods

Without electricity or running water, you cannot cook using traditional methods. Therefore, ready-to-eat canned foods are a must. Vienna sausages, Spam, canned fruit, ham, tuna and other similar foods that do not require preparation are ideal for a home emergency kit. Because most canned foods have a lengthy expiration date, you can keep them on hand for some time. And don’t forget a non-electric can opener!


Whether it’s common everyday allergies, a serious medical condition or a reaction to a bee sting, it’s important to keep your home’s emergency kit equipped with the medication necessary to treat sudden ailments.

Cellular Phone

What would happen in the midst of a winter storm if the electricity was lost and the phone was out? How could you call the power or phone company to get the service restored? In an emergency situation, how could you contact anyone? If you have a cellular phone and live in an area where there is a strong signal for using the phone, you can use it in an emergency. In some cases, this may be your only link to the outside world, especially if you live in a rural area.

Flashlight & Batteries

Without electricity, the nights are dark. This means that you will need a supply of flashlights and batteries. If you need additional light, you should also consider purchasing a supply of candles for your home emergency kit.

Radio & Batteries

In an emergency, a battery-powered radio can serve as your link to what’s happening around you. It not only informs you of the weather, but also of the latest news for your area. You can also learn of road conditions, which will help you to decide whether or not travel is a good idea.

Now that you know what to include in your three-day home emergency kit, it’s important to know where to keep it. Because it should be easily accessible, you will want to keep it in an area that’s easy to reach. The kitchen is one likely location but, if in doubt, it may be a good idea to create several emergency kits and place them throughout the home for easy retrieval. Always keep a flashlight near your bed in case you lose power during the night.

Be sure to check your emergency kit on a regular basis to test batteries and update any supplies that have passed their expiration dates.

As always, I enjoy hearing what my readers have to say  so I encourage you to contact me at anytime via comment/phone/text or email.

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Sell Or Remodel: Which Is Right For You?

Whether the initial love has faded, or your home just doesn’t work for you and your family anymore, deciding between selling your home and remodeling can sometimes be a difficult decision. So what should you consider before making the decision to ensure that you will be more satisfied with the end result than you are with your home now?

What Is The Current Condition Of Your Home?

If part of the reason your home isn’t working for you or your family anymore is that several areas of the home need updating or improving, then you may want to reconsider selling your home. Often an outdated kitchen and bathroom can have a considerable effect on the resale value of your home, and a renovation of these areas may be necessary anyway to get the maximum profit from your home.

What Is It You Need From Your Home?

If you are thinking of selling your home because its current size or the size of your property is no longer working for you, or if the area in which the house is located no longer serves the needs of your family, then selling your home is likely the best choice versus a remodel. Renovations that add additional rooms can be a huge cost and inconvenience, and in most cases will not give you a good return for your investment.

What Is Your Financial Situation?

Another thing you need to consider before deciding whether to sell or remodel is your financial situation as well as the financial standing of your home. If the recent housing market has made the value of your home increase and is above the outstanding balance of your mortgage, you may definitely want consider selling. Also, if you are thinking of a remodel, you’ll want to be sure it will not put a financial burden on you or your family.

Overall, deciding on whether to sell or remodel depends on a number of factors, and contacting me is the first step to getting the best advice for your particular situation.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

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