Two Years Old!

Today my little blog is two years old (and pretty much potty trained!)

Thank you to everyone who’s visited and especially if you’ve left a comment!

And a huge Thank You to all my clients. I am so happy to have served you!

From the bottom of my heart,

Grove City Realtor Bust the Top 5 House Buying Myths

I love being a Realtor.

There are few feelings better than getting someone into a house they love. (Or… let’s face it… sometimes it’s getting a person out of a house when they need to get out!) Either way, I love my job because I get to help people with this huge financial transaction and that means they (and their families!) are better off than when they started!

But that’s why I find it so frustrating when home buyers fall victim to what I call “Home Buying Myths”.

There are a bunch of them, but over the years I’ve been a Realtor, these are the ones that make my top 5 list because they stop so many people from getting into their dream home.

Myth 1: The first step is looking for a house

This one might surprise you because looking at houses online can be so much fun! And I have to admit, even before I got my real estate license, I loved it when my mom was shopping for a house! We had a lot of fun looking at listing after listing! But now I know that’s not necessarily where to start.

Here’s the problem… You’re browsing around, you find your “perfect” home only to find out you can’t really afford it or that it’s on on a flood plane you didn’t know existed (yes, we have those in Grove City!) or maybe you’re browsing an out of date listing that’s already sold.

Sure, browsing houses is fun, but it can break your heart when the home you finally choose is a bust. 🙁

Talk to a Realtor early on and save yourself a lot of heart ache.

My best advice to you (without knowing your personal situation) is almost always to recommend you get pre-approved for a loan. This allows you to jump faster than the next home shopper when you do find your dream home. Plus it saves you from looking at houses that are out of your budget!

Myth 2: Your down payment must be 20%

Okay, a 20% down payment is great because you can avoid private mortgage insurance (PMI). But you can easily find a lender who offers home loans with 10% or even as low as 5% down. Yes, you’ll have to pay the monthly bill for PMI, but it’s not really all that expensive either!

Another option is to forget the conventional loan and get an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan. That’s a government-backed loan with only 3.5% down, if you qualify.

Really, there are a ton of options for down payment assistance.

Myth 3: The only up-front cost is a down payment

Ugghh! I hate this one! What slimy salesman started this myth?!?!?

First of all, the seller might decide they want the buyer (you!) to pay closing costs, which can be anywhere from 3% to 6% of the purchase price. That’s not a deal breaker. I mean I can negotiate for you and see if there’s any wiggle room, but I don’t want you to be surprised when you’re shopping! Plus there are a bunch of taxes and other costs for inspections, credit reports, insurance and a ton of little things (like “filing fees”).

But, don’t let this discourage you! Now that you know, you’re already in a better position to buy!

Give me a call at 614.395.0400 if you need more specifics for your particular circumstance.

Myth 4: You can’t buy with bad credit

Sure, If you’re looking for a conventional loan, having bad credit might not work for you. But, there are options!

An FHA loan only requires a 3.5% down payment and borrowers with low credit scores (even under 600) can qualify.

FHA loans aren’t for everyone. I’m just saying, you’ve got options!

Myth 5: A 30-year mortgage is the best option

I almost didn’t include this myth in my top five.

At first it seems like this is a decision that comes much further into the buying process and not near the beginning, but you really do need to think about this early on.

Naturally, the longer your mortgage, the lower your monthly payments. But…

(And I know you know this, but I have to say it… ) You’re paying your mortgage for twice as long as a 15 year mortgage! And that’s a TON more money! Did you hear me? A TON!

Look, I know what it’s like to have a tight monthly budget. (Do I ever know!) But, squeezing out “an extra” two or three hundred a month and getting into a 15 year mortgage means you start living with no house payment 15 years earlier! (And I’ve got clients who can tell you how great that feels!)

Let me just ask you this. Image it’s 14 years from now. How would you feel having chosen a 30 year mortgage?

Now, I’m not saying the 30-year option is a bad one. But there are other options and part of my job is to take good care of you so I want you to know your options.

If you’ve heard something about home buying and you want to double check the facts, give me a call at 614-395-0400 or drop your question in the comments below.

Committed to your success,

April Zerman, Realtor
Saxton Real Estate
Grove City, Ohio 43123
(614) 395-0400

Zillow says I’m #1! (Well, sort of.)

It’s official! Zillow says I am the most important part of the equation if you want to buy a home!*

Well, maybe not me specifically, but the real estate mega site Zillow did come out this month and say the number one thing you need when shopping in this tight housing market is a “stellar agent”!

Dirty little real estate secret…

Here’s what you might pick-up on if you listen carefully and read between the lines as Realtors talk… Most real estate agents hate Zillow!

What do real estate agents have against them? Simply this… Zillow (unintentionally, I’m sure!) tends to mislead house hunters because they’re never truly up-to-date.

Here’s the thing, Zillow just moves a little slower than the real world and that means buyers find their dream home “for sale” on Zillow only to call their Realtor and find out it went into contract yesterday. 🙁 Happens all the time.

But here’s what I love about Zillow…

They help publicize the houses my clients want to sell! That means I can promote your house and also reap the benefits of a mega promoter like Zillow! That’s good for you and that makes me happy!

So if you’re a seller you gotta’ love ’em and if your a buyer you’ve just got to work closely with your Realtor to snag your dream house before someone else does!

And THAT’S why a stellar Real Estate Agent is such a non-negotiable!

April Zerman, Realtor
Saxton real Estate
Grove City, Ohio 43123
(614) 395-0400

P.S. – Do you want a simple test you can give any real estate agent to measure their “steller-osity-ness”? (I think that’s a real word.)

Here’s the test… Call them. How can you tell if they pass the test? How long does it take them to call you back? The sooner the better and if they answer your call on the first try… Give her and A+ 🙂

Go ahead, test me right now at (614) 395-0400!

*Okay, that’s the way I read it, but the reality is, this is one of those things in life where it really is all about YOU!

If you’re 62+ I can get you into your dream home for a fraction of the asking price!

Dear Friend,

If your not living in your dream home, this may be the most important letter you read all year.

Take a moment, grab a cup of coffee and settle comfortably into your chair to learn how you can get into the dream home you never thought you could afford.

What is a “Dream Home”?

For some people it’s a single story home. For some people it means a smaller home. For others it means living closer to the kids. Whatever your special circumstances, if you’re 62 or older, I can help you get into your dream home.

I was skeptical…

My name is April Zerman and I’m a licensed Realtor in the State of Ohio. And it was only after my mom came to me hearing about this “great deal” that I began to look into the H4P Program.

Truthfully, I had my doubts, but – trying to protect my mom – I dug down to find the truth about it. I personally met with experts, asking a lot of questions and did a ton of research. In the end I learned that the H4P Program is as legitimate as a FHA or Conventional loan, and it’s not a reverse mortgage!

The bottom line…

The H4P Program is for those 62 or older who want to purchase a home making a one-time down-payment of roughly half the purchase price and no monthly mortgage payments ever. Read that again, it’s NOT a typo!

If you’d be kind enough to call me at 614-395-0400 and give me 10 minutes of your time, I’ll answer any questions you have and you can see if this program is right for you!

April Zerman®
Grove City, Ohio 43123
Saxton Real Estate

P.S. – My Guarantee to You: I promise, when you call, I will answer all of your questions, giving you all the time you want, but not keep you on the phone one moment longer than you want! Call today (614) 395-0400.

Windsor Park Grove City Ohio 43123 Metro Park Review

More than 55 years old and covering 38 acres, Windsor Park is the oldest community-sized park in Grove City and home to youth baseball. Featuring 11 diamonds suited for teams preschool-aged to adult and in addition to the diamonds. One of my favorite things and the newest addition to Windsor Park is the Dream Field at Mount Carmel Stadium. The Dream Field makes baseball accessible to ballplayers of all abilities featuring a special rubberized surface navigable for those using wheelchairs, crutches and walkers. Windsor also houses lighted tennis courts.

The 14,000 square foot Evans Center is also located at Windsor Park.  Serving adults 55 and older, the Evans Center hosts a plethora of activities and social opportunities for seniors.

Park Address:
4414 Broadway, Grove City, OH 43123

April Zerman, Realtor
Grove City, Ohio 43123
Saxton Real Estate

Scioto Grove Metro Park Grove City Ohio 43123 Review

Scioto Grove Metro Park is a 620-acre park along the Scioto River with mature forests and scenic bluffs overlooking the river. It features more than seven miles of trails, two picnic areas with shelters, tables and grills, a kids play area and several overlook decks. The park is located on a scenic bend of the Scioto River and is a great destination for canoeists, kayakers, anglers and people wanting to see waterfowl and other wildlife. It also offers a REI backpack trail along the river for those just getting into the sport, as well as those seasoned backpackers who want a quick overnight without having to journey several hours.

Dogs on leashes are welcome throughout the park, which also features a sledding hill.

Hours and Info

6:30am to 10pm April through September
6:30am to 8pm October through March
Phone: 614.949.1078
Backpacking reservations: 614.539.3339
5172 Jackson Pike Grove City Ohio 43123

April Zerman, Realtor
Grove City, Ohio 43123
Saxton Real Estate

What’s up with housing prices?

I recently got a question about the rise in home prices this year and if we might be in a “bubble”.

Most of us remember the “bubble” and crash of home prices in 2009. Is it different this time and, if so, why?

The good news.

It is different this time.

The rise in home prices in 2008 and 2009 was caused by a glut of sub-prime loans and that’s definitely bad. However…

The rise in home prices we see now is good ol’ fashion supply and demand!

This is the normal, natural and healthy result of “low inventory”. In other words there are simply less houses for sale right now.

What it means for you.

If you are considering selling your hose, now may be the best time economically speaking. Look, I know there are other factors. Your kids just started a new school year (like my mine). Or maybe you just landed that dream job.

But, all else being equal, if you are considering selling anytime in the next year, give me a call today because I will give you a no cost market analysis telling you what you can realistically sell your home for right now!

Either way, there’s no reason to worry about rising home prices.

If you have any questions, give me a call anytime.

April Zerman, Realtor
(614) 395-0400
Saxton Real Estate
Grove City, Ohio 43123

A House Organized For School Children

A house organized for school children.

If you’ve gone through a school year with kids, you know that simply having an organized space can be the difference between success and chaos.

Here are a few tips on how to simplify those everyday setbacks that we all have caused by clutter and lack of organization.

– Set a goal for each room.

If you can visualize what you want, you will be better able to achieve it. By setting goals for each room, you can note the things that need changing and work toward that goal one day at a time.

– Create a homework space for your students.

It can be a simple space, but a separate space for homework supplies and room to actually do the school work can make a huge difference!

– Have an assigned place for EVERYTHING!!

Now keep in mind that you will probably have to tell your children for a week or more before they finally catch on and start putting their school supplies/sporting equipment so on and so forth in the assigned area but I promise you that it will definitely be worth the few weeks of reminding them.

Do you have any back to school organization ideas to share? Let me know. Post them below!

April Zerman
Saxton Real Estate
Grove City, Ohio 43123