Zillow says I’m #1! (Well, sort of.)

It’s official! Zillow says I am the most important part of the equation if you want to buy a home!*

Well, maybe not me specifically, but the real estate mega site Zillow did come out this month and say the number one thing you need when shopping in this tight housing market is a “stellar agent”!

Dirty little real estate secret…

Here’s what you might pick-up on if you listen carefully and read between the lines as Realtors talk… Most real estate agents hate Zillow!

What do real estate agents have against them? Simply this… Zillow (unintentionally, I’m sure!) tends to mislead house hunters because they’re never truly up-to-date.

Here’s the thing, Zillow just moves a little slower than the real world and that means buyers find their dream home “for sale” on Zillow only to call their Realtor and find out it went into contract yesterday. 🙁 Happens all the time.

But here’s what I love about Zillow…

They help publicize the houses my clients want to sell! That means I can promote your house and also reap the benefits of a mega promoter like Zillow! That’s good for you and that makes me happy!

So if you’re a seller you gotta’ love ’em and if your a buyer you’ve just got to work closely with your Realtor to snag your dream house before someone else does!

And THAT’S why a stellar Real Estate Agent is such a non-negotiable!

April Zerman, Realtor
Saxton real Estate
Grove City, Ohio 43123
(614) 395-0400

P.S. – Do you want a simple test you can give any real estate agent to measure their “steller-osity-ness”? (I think that’s a real word.)

Here’s the test… Call them. How can you tell if they pass the test? How long does it take them to call you back? The sooner the better and if they answer your call on the first try… Give her and A+ 🙂

Go ahead, test me right now at (614) 395-0400!

*Okay, that’s the way I read it, but the reality is, this is one of those things in life where it really is all about YOU!