Is Spring the best time to list a house for sale?

There are pro’s and con’s to listing a house for sale at different times of the year, but there is a lot to say about the advantages of listing in the Spring!

1. All of nature is looking for a new “nest”.

Maybe it’s biology. Maybe it’s “cabin fever”. Maybe it’s just the human spirit’s desire to always be seeking to improve ourselves. But people seem almost driven to look for a new home in Spring!

2. School will be out soon.

For parents getting a new house in the Spring means moving in as school lets out for the summer and that makes things a ton easier on the kids!

It means finishing a school year where they started with the friends they’ve made. But it also means next school year they start at their new school with no interruptions from a move.

3. Houses look better in the spring!

I’ll do it (and I do!), but taking a photo of a snow covered house to list it in the winter always feels… well… cold!

A nice sunny day photo of your house improves it’s “online curb appeal”.

Throw a potted plant or some flowers on the front step and you’ve got an instantly more attractive home!

4. It’s just easier to house shop in good weather!

The Winter is for snuggling in under a thick blanket with a hot cup of chocolate.

The Spring just draws us outside! It’s just easier and nicer to house shop in the Spring!

Did I miss a Spring reason? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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P.S.- THIS SPRING has an added selling point… Interest Rates! They are really low right now and all signs point to them going up at least once this year! Selling a house now means buyers can capitalize on the low rates! And that can translate into a higher selling price!